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Problems in Dental Medicine

Problems in Medicine

Dental Health Care

Obamacare is a disaster. It raises taxes on small business. Its rollout has been a complete failure. Thousands of people have been exposed to fraud and identity theft from both the state health exchanges and the navigator program. President Obama himself has delayed is implementation so many times due to problems in its roll out and citizen and business unease, it has caused many people to ask, why not just start over?

This does seem to be a better alternative. After all, think about it, the president has changed, whether unilaterally or with the help of Congress numerous times. According to Forbes, the ACA has been changed 35 times so far! Thirty-five times and the law hasn’t even fully gone into effect!

Doesn’t it stand to reason that if something must be changed 35 times before it is even implemented that perhaps, just maybe, it was passed a little too quickly—without giving it the proper consideration that it needs? After all, the health care industry is one-sixth of our nation’s economy. Shouldn’t we at least read the bill before we pass it?

The Obamacare law in its current form is not only a disaster for small businesses that are becoming shackled with new regulations and taxes, but it is also a nightmare for the doctors themselves.

For example, I have two friends who both operate citywide oral surgeon practices. They are dentists. They aren’t some gigantic corporation. They have a mom-and-pap dental practice that they started shortly after college. One does basic dental implant surgeons in Hartford Connecticut and the other does more sophisticated tooth implants in Rochester Hills. They’re not millionaires, but they employ around 4-5 people each at their respective practice.

I remember shortly after the healthcare law was passed, they both called me on the phone and said, if just half of these new regulations applied towards us and our practices, we would just close up shop. You see, much of Obamacare’s regulations don’t deal with dental care and instead only apply towards medical doctors, so thankfully my two friends were spared most of the harm.

But they still run and operate small businesses, and are therefore required to pay all of the new taxes associated with Obamacare. Seeing the small business side of it, they said that they couldn’t imagine having to deal with all of the compliances if they were medical doctors. It just wouldn’t be worth it to keep the practice open. They are both in their mid to late 50s and said to keep the practice open with all of this hassle for just another 5-6 years, it isn’t worth it.

So now what we see all over the country is precisely this phenomenon. Surgeons performing cosmetic dentistry are either choosing to retire early or choosing not to opt into the field at all, and this could wreak real havoc on our healthcare system should there be a shortage of doctors nationwide.

It seems to me that the only way we can fix the Obamacare mess is to repeal the ACA and start over. We should put everything on the table and have a national debate about what our country needs and how we can accomplish it.