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Second Amendment

Second Amendment


McKinley is a strong supporter of the second amendment of the constitution and we thought we would take the time to summarize some of our thoughts on the subject and why we agree with McKinley’s position on the second amendment.

Too often candidates frame the second amendment in a sportsman or hunting sense. While this is definitely an important byproduct of the second amendment, it is not its true meaning. The founding fathers didn’t write the second amendment envisioning a “right to go deer hunting.” Rather, the founders saw the second amendment as a protection against the usurpation of rights from the citizenry.

Remember that the American colonists had just undergone a war with what was at the time the most powerful nation in the entire world: England. The idea that government can slowly and steadily take away the rights of the citizens was fresh in their minds, as England imposed excessive taxes, quartered soldiers in American households, among countless other things. Thomas Jefferson saw this as the unfortunate trend in world history saying,

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.”

So the true idea behind the second amendment had to do with self-defense, specifically defending oneself against a usurpatious government. And this is where discussions about individual self-defense come from. Individual self-defense is an idea that inescapably flows out of the second amendment, and intellectual gymnastics must be done in order to try and avoid this conclusion.

Modern-day gun control advocates are not at all interested in protecting the public in their gun control legislation but much more interested in disarming the public at large. Don’t think so?

Well, if you analyze any of the most recent gun control proposals, very few of them deal with things concerning public safety. For example, the president recently sought to ban “assault weapons” and 30 round magazines in an effort to keep the public safe. Well, when you consider the fact that nearly all violent gun-related homicides in America occur with handguns, what good will banning certain long guns do? The short answer is not much.

In fact you look at the data, most of America’s violent and dangerous gun crimes are committed in areas with the strictest gun laws, specifically in large urban areas, areas that tend to be extremely liberal. Many of these areas have implemented policies exactly related to what the president has proposed and they are no safer as a result of them.

Fortunately, McKinley recognizes the true reason behind the second amendment and has pledged to help expand federal “right-to-carry” laws. These laws help frequent travelers like truck drivers who find themselves going across state after state line keep track of where they can and cannot bring their firearms. Right now, a truck driver needs to check the books every single time he crosses a state line to make sure that that state honors the permit issued from his home state. Either that or he needs to obtain a permit in every state, which can be extremely costly and time consuming. “Right-to-carry” laws help eliminate this confusion.